On (Design) Bullshit

March 29, 2009 at 11:48 pm (09_271_sp Type1)


    bullshit_12222      bullshit_12233



On (Design) Bullshit is an article written by Michael Bierut where he talks about the need to give reasons for design choices in order to see your work to clients. Using InDesign, I constructed a 4-page layout using a multi-column grid to include the content of Michael Bierut’s article. I also included three comments made on the website where the original article was written. Pictures from the Getty Center in Los Angeles are also placed throughout the article. The first page that of my spread is my title page and it also includes the opening few paragraphs of the article. I did my best to adhere to the grid that I created. The negative space I have created on the first page is very appealing to me. On the inside two pages of this layout, I chose to use a three column grid. I aligned all of the text to the top of the page and allowed the bottom of the columns to be jagged. I think that on the fourth page, I was able to transition from body text to my resources very effectively. I do not think that it’s confusing or could be taken for more body text. I feel that my layout is very simple and has very clean edges.


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