micro + macro readings

March 29, 2009 at 11:49 pm (09_271_sp Type1)



Micro + Macro Readings is an article written by Edward R. Tufte. I created a modular grid for this article. Unlike On (Design) Bullshit, I was given the images and had to use a specific typeface. I worked to balance visual interest between the macro scale (across the room) and the micro scale (reading at close range).  My favorite thing about this piece is the positioning of the three pictures at the top of the page. The spaces in between the images create such a definite line that draws the eye down to the text. There are a few other moments where space I have created makes lines and I feel that it really adds a nice element to the piece. I chose to have all of my body text in the center of the page to hopefully make it look like the most important part of the piece. I believe that I successfully made the captions and the image references look like separate pieces of text and that they were not connected with the body text. I really enjoy the negative space in my piece because it makes it not look cluttered at all.


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