Digital and Analogue Codes

November 2, 2008 at 8:18 pm (Virtual Idea Notebook)

Digital codes can be thought of as very simple and easy to understand. Each individual unit is very in a group is easily distinguished from the next unit. An example of what a digital code is would be numbers. They all are able to be added, subtracted, etc. in the same ways, but they all have their different meanings and when rearranged in different ways will completely change the entire meaning of the set. Digital codes are very concrete and are not usually interpreted in different ways. I have included a picture of numbers to represent digital codes.

Analogue codes are pretty much opposite of digital codes. There is usually no set order or unit of things. Each individual item could be interpreted in many different ways depending on how they are displayed or just comprehended. An example of analogue code could be painting. There comes a time when painting has to be taught, which then brings it back to a digital code, but giving a child a paintbrush and letting them express themselves is analogue code. I have included a picture of a finger painting done by a child, which represents analogue code. 



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