Woman Dangles Man

September 25, 2008 at 7:07 pm (Image Pairs and Type Composition)

My intention in the project was to depict a relationship between the man and woman that is taking a stab at extreme feminism. I chose the two images because they are both very simple and they do not distract the viewer from the point that is being made. The images both have sharp edges and are very bold. The combined meaning of the two images is representing women who hate men and go over the top to get what they feel they deserve. In doing this, they try to make men look like fools. When extreme feminists do this, they are only taking a step back from their cause because they are doing to men what they feel men are doing to them. By making the woman huge, it depicts a woman of power. She has no head because she is meant to be faceless and not have an identity. The man is small and is being held upside down by the woman to represent the literal meaning of belittling him. I hope that this piece will evoke a bit of confusion, thus leading to discussion because the images are so strong that many different meanings could be obtained. 


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