Hippopotamus Eats Man

September 25, 2008 at 7:13 pm (Image Pairs and Type Composition)

My expectation in this project was to create a comical depiction of a serious issue. I chose the image of a hippopotamus because it was a playful cartoon and I liked the way it was supposed to look fictional. The image of the man was chosen because I wanted to be able to play with the idea of such a generic icon. This image is very widely known and is undoubtedly the most common symbol for a man. The hippopotamus represents nature in its entirety, whereas the man is representing mankind. The combined meaning of the two images is that because people do not think about what they are doing to the environment nature comes back and punishes us. By enlarging the hippopotamus and left only its open mouth on the page, which made the piece a lot stronger because it shows only a huge mouth that could belong to any huge animal.  The man was made smaller and I completely removed his head to emphasize the fact that we do not use our heads. I was successful in making the concept is fairly easy to interpret. 


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