Theory and Semiotics

September 2, 2008 at 6:03 pm (Virtual Idea Notebook)

Theory and Semiotics

A theory is the most basic form of an idea. Most people do not even think about all of the “theories” they come up with on a day-to-day basis. All you have to do is imagine something and that becomes your theory. Any opinion of anything is also a theory. Whenever I think of the word “theory”, I automatically think of when I was in fifth grade and learned the scientific method and came up with our own theories. What is so wonderful about theories is that you can believe whatever you want to believe because it is not fact. Yes, you have to try and prove that it is true, but with a theory, you can never be one hundred percent sure. The picture I have to represent theory is the Nike symbol. The Gestalt Theory has a rule talks about simplicity. In theory, the sign is more appealing because of its simplicity.

Semiotics is the study of signs. Something very interesting about semiotics is that it seems like such a complicated idea, and some parts can be, but the overall idea of it is almost childlike. When we were growing up, we made relationships between pictures and words and sounds. I believe that teachers use semiotics when they are teaching children how to read. For example, in the picture there are two thought bubbles, one with a picture of a tree and one with the word “tree” inside. The relationship between the two is immediately recognized and accepted by everyone. Semiotics is usually explained in a much more complex way, but I think this is just as affective.


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